Greetings from Kurt Ziemer, Dr. Robert Chodelka and Frank Ziemer!

"Nature whispered and we listened."

Every human being has a unique story. Speak a little less, listen a bit more, and you may get to hear it. If you listen carefully and are deemed a worthy recipient of such a treasure, you may even get to hear this person’s deepest secrets.

Nature has her story as well. If we listen intently, if we listen respectfully, she will tell us her story. And if our minds and hearts are open enough to notice all her subtle hints, we will realize she is revealing to us her most intimate secrets.

For over 60 years, we and our predecessors have been students of nature, listening intently as she has revealed the recipe of one of her most enchanting gemstones… the creation of diamond. Yes, we can now make diamonds… real diamonds. It is a testament to nature and humankind in harmony.

On behalf of all such students of the environment, I invite you to join in this tribute to Mother Nature. The ability to make gem-quality diamonds is indeed novel. Thus, the owners of jewels from the “Shine on Me” collection will join this exclusive circle of pioneers. They will be among the first people on earth to own jewelry of this kind. These unique works of art captivate the imagination by their beauty and design. Then add to it the depth of a story, a story that sounds like a fantasy at its first telling… a diamond made in Switzerland, and now you have something that is truly beautiful and also rare and innovative.

With “Shine on Me” we illuminate a way for those seeking something different, those seeking beauty with a story. We look forward to the day when we become part of your story. And should you care to share that story with us, you already have proof that we are good listeners.