The Shine on Me diamonds used within the collection are grown at Ziemer Swiss Diamond Art AG (ZSDA). ZSDA is a Swiss company that started 5 years ago and is located in the heart of the Swiss watch industry, near Biel, Switzerland. The company uses an improved High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process to produce "High Quality Swiss Diamonds" for the jewelry and watch markets.

Our state-of-the-art facility has solar panels on the roof to harness energy form the sun for the electricity to operate our diamond growth machines. During the growth of one Ziemer Swiss made Diamond, the HPHT technology generates a temperature of 1500 ºC (2732.0 ºF) and pressures of 55,000 bar (850,000 psi) to replicate the natural diamond growth process that occurs deep within the earth. The process is very energy efficient using less than 1800 watts for four days. Most people can easily understand the temperature component of the process is extremely hot but find it much more difficult to comprehend the pressures used in our process. To visualize the pressure we use in our process, imagine, the weight of 600 adult elephants all standing on one US quarter coin. The combination of monitoring and controlling these extremely high temperatures, high pressures as well as the 500 plus process variables to grow one diamond makes the process quite complex.

Our diamond growth process is analogous to growing an orchid in a greenhouse nursery rather than harvesting one from the rain forest. However to grow a flower you need to control less than 10 process variables that include water, light, and soil content. Another advantage to growing an orchid is you can constantly view the flower as it grows allowing you to easily modify one of the factors influencing the plants growth. Unfortunately in the ZSDA process we can not view the diamond as it grows and therefore are not always successful in producing gem quality diamonds.

It is important to understand each ZSDA grown diamond is unique like a natural diamond.

A Ziemer Swiss made Diamond has the identical chemical, physical, optical and thermal properties as a natural, earth mined diamond. For this reason, whether a "Ziemer Swiss made Diamond" or a "Natural Diamond" …a diamond is a diamond.