Diamonds come in a wonderful array of shapes. No one shape is better than another, so choose the shape that you like best.

Name Shape Comments

Round Brilliant

Round diamonds are the most popular of all the shapes. The combined popularity of round diamonds and the significant weight loss during cutting are the two main contributing factors to the relatively higher price of these stones.

Princess The Princess cut is a square cut with sharp edges. It has very good fire and a high degree of brilliance.

Oval The Oval cut is elliptical in shape and is a variation of the round brilliant cut diamond.

Pear The Pear cut is a tear-drop shape and is a variation of the round brilliant cut diamond. This attractive diamond is also extremely well-suited to pendants and earrings.

Emerald Emerald cuts are sleek and elegant. The Emerald cut is rectangular with cut corners. It is a step cut - its facets being broad with flat planes resembling the steps of a stair. Higher quality Emerald cuts are preferred because its cut makes inclusions and lower color grades more noticeable than with other cuts.

Heart The ultimate symbol of love, the romantic Heart shape is a variation of the round brilliant cut diamond.

Marquise The Marquise cut is boat shaped and is a variation of the round brilliant cut diamond.

Cushion The cushion cut is an antique-style diamond cut that has recently come back into fashion.

Radiant This is a modified or combination cut - a brilliant cut square or rectangle shaped diamond with clipped-off corners like the emerald cut. It melds the elegance of the emerald cut diamond with the brilliance and sparkle of the round diamond.

Asscher The Asscher cut is a variant of the emerald cut and provides a uniquely regal and elegant look to its wearer. Its art-deco styling combines old-world charm with modern cutting and faceting techniques to produce a dazzling example of brilliance.

Ziemer Swiss Diamond Art strongly believes the cut quality is the most important C parameter to control in the process.  Therefore we only use highly qualified diamnond cutters and craftmans to maximize the brilliance and fire of our diamonds. In addition we also try to maintain a high level of clarity typically ranging from VVS1 to SI1.    



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