"The only constant is change."

Several notable philosophers have been quoted saying some variant of the line, "The only constant is change." But, who drives this change? Much of the motion and bustle we experience in everyday life is certainly the combination of human creation and nature. However what is its source… man or Nature?

Our answer is that they are one and the same. We say it is human nature to create. If change is the only constant, then status quo is not a moment, it is flow. It is not a position, but motion. Just as nature drives the diurnal cycle from sunrise to sunset to sunrise again, it sets us in motion on a journey from the genesis of contemplation, to inspiration, to emotion, to fulfillment. To celebrate your voyage, we have created “Shine on Me”.

The thousand facets of a creative, charmed life are also a force of nature. They constantly seek forms of expression. The thousand facets of your personality will find expression in the thousand facets and intriguing hues of each "Shine on Me" masterpiece. Every facet is a new angle and every angle is a new scene.

Each movement and every gesture provides a new angle, making each piece in the collection a journey of a thousand scenes.

A voyage of discovery requires the exceptional. It transcends mere beauty. Only a beauty with a story has the depth of soul to bring you beyond the ordinary. We entrust this sacred duty to just such a special character, a diamond from Ziemer Swiss Diamond Art, your companion throughout a life of inspiration and fulfillment.

Shine on Me…
Now it’s your turn.