The Shine on Me jewelry collection made by Ziemer Swiss Diamond Art (ZSDA) includes a wide variety of jewelry categories from classic to luxurious. However no matter which piece you ultimately select, the quality of the diamond, craftsmanship, and gold will be quickly recognized. The central Fancy Color Diamond or diamonds in each piece of the collection are "Ziemer Swiss made Diamonds". Each ZSDA diamond greater than 0.75ct comes with a Gemological Certificate clearly defining the value for each of the four C's (Carat/Clarity/Color/Cut). The two most common diamond shapes in the Shine on Me collection are Brilliant and Princess Cuts ranging in size from 0.2 to approximately 2 carats. Other diamond shapes are available upon request. The Shine on Me collection contains over 45 different pieces.

The Shine on Me jewelry collection offers:

  • Ring
  • Pendants with the chain
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets

We believe whether art comes in the form of music or pictures, in beautiful colors or the reflections of our diamonds, the Shine on Me diamond jewelry will allow you to reflect on your day to day joys of life.